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Manitoba Mature Student Diploma

The Mature Student Diploma is a high school diploma for adults over age 19. It was created by the Manitoba government in recognition that, because of knowledge and skills acquired in experiences since being in school, most adults are able to advance to Grade 12 levels at a faster pace than do adolescents. Therefore, the Mature Student Diploma, or MSD, requires only 8 credits, four being at the Grade 12 (Senior 4) level (including a Senior 4 English and a Senior 4 math). Credits achieved previously may be applied, and in some cases learning achieved outside can be recognized for credit through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

The MSD is very flexible so that the vastly different goals of adults can be achieved, such as entry to specific post secondary programs or to new careers. The MSD is a “real” high school diploma, equivalent to the 4-year diploma that adolescents take, not a GED. Our proud graduates have used their diplomas to launch a wide range of new lives, and tell us that the confidence they gain in the process of returning, studying and completing their diplomas makes a huge difference in and of itself.

To enrol in the Mature Student Diploma program, you will need a personal interview with a counsellor to plan your path to graduation. This meeting will ensure that you are getting the courses you need to fulfil your long-term plans, as well as your immediate goal of getting your diploma. Please contact the centre of your choice directly to schedule your interview meeting.



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